Chamber and Solo

Considerations on a Moonlit Lake (2019) - tuba, piano

Industriana (2019) - saxophone quartet

locomotive reverie (2020) - horn, tuba, electronics

Looking Forward//Looking Back (2020) - soprano saxophone, trombone, bass clarinet, piano, drums

Plateaux (2021) - violin, viola. Premiered by andPlay at the 2021 Young Women Composers Camp

Playground Sketches (2020) - flute, clarinet, bassoon

Salutation Over Fractal Ground (2021) - C trumpet, piano

Speck (2021) - unaccompanied tuba. Commissioned by Samantha Lake, tuba


Juniper Sky (2020) - voice (E♭4–G5), piano. Premiered by Robyn Driedger-Klassen and Karen Lee-Morlang at the 2020 Art Song Lab

On the Hill-Side (2019) - SATB unaccompanied

Three Amy Levy Songs (2020) - voice (A3–E5), piano


Tundral Beacon (2021) - unaccompanied horn

don't touch the wings (2021) - unaccompanied flute

Constellation (2021) - violin, piano

Et tibi miserere: semi-sacred cantata (2021) - SATB voices, two solo singers (D4–A5, A♭3–B♭4), clarinet/bass clarinet, horn, piano

*A note on adaptations of vocal works

I recognize the multiplicity of our voices, and so I welcome alterations to the ranges of my vocal pieces. Feel free to displace octaves in any of my vocal solos (including Et tibi miserere) as necessary. I can also provide personalized, transposed versions of my vocal solos (excluding Et tibi miserere) upon request and at no extra cost.