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Considerations on a Moonlit Lake

tuba, piano | $30.00

This suite stemmed from an experience of quiet reflection on the shore of a forest lake, on a summer night a few years ago. “In Deep Waters” ponders the depths of the lake, and what stories and beings the lake itself may hold. “The Rising Moon” heralds the Moon as she rises, mirrored on the water, and dances with her reflection in the lake. “Sleeping Forest” explores the sounds we may imagine hearing in an undisturbed forest at night, while “Forest Life” hints at the gentle rustling of grass and leaves, and small animals. “Pond Skaters” highlights the small creatures that skit across the surface of the water, returning the focus to the magnificent lake at the centre of this portrait.

First recorded by Brendan and Amy Ige, November 1 2020.

Video: Hope Salmonson and Carl Philippe Gionet, Nov. 6 2021, UNB Contemporary Music Festival.

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