A sunlit white woman laughs, holding a tuba, her other hand in the pocket of her red, flower-print jumpsuit. She has short, dark brown hair and blue glasses. She stands in front of a tree with purple flowers.

About Hope

Hope Salmonson, from Kjipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia), is a queer, trans composer and tubist, trying to navigate the very big world around her. In 2017, she was accepted to Mount Allison University under a Mary Emerancy Pickard Music Scholarship, and studies composition under Dr. Kevin Morse. She has studied tuba and euphonium with Drs. Linda Pearse, Dale Sorensen and Olivier Huebscher. Hope will be graduating from Mount Allison in Spring 2022, and hopes to pursue a master’s degree.


Hope’s compositional practice is inspired by community and connection to others. Her works have been performed by the Phase Ensemble, the andPlay Duo and the Mount Allison Elliott Chorale, among others, and in April 2021 she hosted a recital of her compositions, featuring seventeen performers and five premiere performances. Hope has composed for the 2020 Art Song Lab and the 2021 Young Women Composers Camp.


Beyond composition, Hope has forayed in academia relating to tuba and composition. In 2019, her essay “Not Quite Romeo: Berlioz, Smithson and the Unspoken Truth” was published in Nota Bene: Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Musicology. In the summer of 2021, she undertook research exploring connections between transgender identity, the self, and community as they relate to the compositional experience. In her free time, Hope enjoys gaming, cooking for her loved ones, and singing.