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Trilogy for Reginald

developing trumpet, piano | Diversify the Stand & Royal Irish Academy of Music

This work was written for reSounding Progress, a collection of twelve progressive trumpet solos by Diversify the Stand in coalition with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Read more about it here:

Program notes:

1 . Reginald, the Toad Jester (RIAM grade 1.5)
This is Reginald, the Toad Jester. He travels far and wide, hopping to and fro, to find new stories to tell his friends back home. However, today our bug-eyed friend is the star of his own story.
2. Reginald, the Pensive Poet (grade 3)
Reginald sometimes needs to make up his own tales. To gain inspiration, he's been known to watch clouds, smell flowers, and sleep, dreaming up new wondrous ideas. Of these options, he mostly prefers to sleep. And eat flies, but that doesn't help him think of stories.
3. Reginald, the Absolute Rascal (grade 4)
However, Reginald often winds up getting ideas from his own misadventures. He hops so much, he practically bounces off the walls! Ants and birds take cover to make sure their houses aren't toppled by this clumsy acrobat.

Much love to Casey (crude_casey on Instagram) for the artwork and design of Reginald, who they've tattooed on my arm!

Jane Anderson, trumpet
Heather Goldman, piano

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