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Glitter Bomb

percussion (5 players) and wine glasses | $25.00

My mother encountered a woman who offered her a bag of "Hap, Hap, Happy Confetti." This simple bag of glitter was designed to bring a sparkle of joy in even the worst of times; the instructions simply read, "use often." The beauty of this glitter was that it would get everywhere—hair, clothes, floor, you name it. So, for the next few days, you would find remnants, memories of that joy you had tossed in the air.
When my mum told me about this, I couldn't help but think of the relationship to my queerness and transness. I've never been a "sparkles" kind of person, but even I can find beauty in a bit of glitter. With the representation of glitter in queer communities, I drew the connection that in my life, there is an ineffable "glitter" of queerness that I will happily spread everywhere I go.

Video: premiere performance by Mount Allison Symphonic Band Percussion Section, cond. Ryu Hiramoto
Owen Chandler, percussion 1
Noah Batten, percussion 2
Manuel Florez, percussion 3
Owen Melanson, percussion 4
Kiran Steele, percussion 5
Morgan Lynch and Alena Grandy, wine glasses
premiered in Brunton Auditorium, Mount Allison University

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