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locomotive reverie

horn, tuba, electronics | Mount Allison Brass Duo | $15.00

“locomotive reverie” stemmed from hearing the trains in Siknikt (Sackville, NB) while walking late at night. When there’s a train in the distance, the sound washes over the sky like a cloud passing by. As the train grows near, the horn becomes more clear, and as it distances from you, the chord depresses slightly. It has always felt a bit surreal to me. This work hones in on the dream state that I imagine as I walk home—where was the train coming from, where is it going, what does it carry, what does it matter. The music drops the listener into a contemplative trance, as if slowing down time until the end, when the train has passed.

Video: digital premiere performance by Jeffrey Vézina-Goodwin, Hope Salmonson and Olivier Huebscher, April 10 2021, Brunton Auditorium, Mount Allison University.

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