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double concerto for two trumpets (1 doubling flugelhorn), piano | Christopher Keach and Margaret Hopkins | $35.00

I. Flurries
II. Footprints
III. Festus

Program Note:
"Snowscapes" illustrates three common scenes of a wintry environment: "Flurries" blowing through the wind, heralding an oncoming storm; "Footsteps" left behind by unknown travellers, telling a story in their journey; and "Festus," a raucous celebration of life and love amid such conditions. In this double concerto, the players evoke the many conflicting feelings such a season can bring—though the sun goes down sooner, the moon on the snow will still light the way.

NEW!! Sign up for the consortium for the wind band version of Snowscapes here:

Video: premiere performance by Christopher Keach and Margaret Hopkins, trumpets/flugelhorn, and Alex Shafirov, piano, May 13 2023, McGill University

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