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The ocean solitudes

Based on text by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804–1864) pf.hp.1perc | Turning Point Ensemble/Sonic Boom Festival | $50.00

Nodding to the Nathaniel Hawthorne poem and Claude Debussy's Cathédrale engloutie, this work envisions a coastal town completely underwater in the aftermath of rising sea levels. Like a new Atlantis, the town is a graveyard frozen in time. The melodic fragments in the piece emerge and dissolve with little control or regulation. In this hypothetical dystopia, the time to make change has passed; all that remains are the bells of sunken cathedrals, broken bits of antique flooring, and resignation to peaceful sleep.

Written for the 2023 Sonic Boom Readings with the Turning Point Ensemble. No recording available—want to be the first?

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