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violin, piano | Nadia Francavilla | $15.00

When Nadia Francavilla approached me to commission this piece, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone. As many of my works involve nature in some way, I was curious to further explore the theme of stars—infinitely distant from us and each other, yet close enough to reach to them. Trying to evoke that distance was difficult with a through-composed work, so I represent it through individual blocks of sound and motives that act independently but come together to create a unified musical direction.

Extended techniques include circular bowing and increased/decreased bow pressure represented graphically on the score. The score also gives space for some elements of performer choice: repeating certain cells ad libitum, etc.

Video: premiere performance by Nadia Francavilla and Carl Philippe Gionet, November 5 2021, UNB Contemporary Music Festival.

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