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Which Street is This Street?

Text by the composer

2 voices, piano | Annika Williams | $25.00

This semi-dramatic work, believe it or not, is based around three real streets from my hometown, Porters Lake in Nova Scotia, Canada. This Street, That Street, and The Other Street constitute a small, private community near the water. Nearby, you'll find Post Office Road, but if you want to visit the post office, you'll need to redirect yourself to Keizer Drive instead. I did not decide these street names, though I wish I had.

In this story, two singers are trying to make their way to a show and find themselves stuck in this curious neighbourhood. The weary travellers are at the mercy of east coast navigation as they struggle with even the simplest of directions. Hijinks ensue.

Premiered by Annika Williams, Erin Bardua and Jennie Del Motte, March 24, 2023. No recording available—want to be the first?

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