Terrors Found and Constructed
for fixed media

Terrors Found and Constructed is a short electroacoustic work illustrating a child’s fear of the dark, and what may lurk just out of sight. Between the distorted wails of the electronics and the distant improvisation of live musicians, the composition evokes a sense of uncertainty and anxiety, leaving you to wonder what looms in nightmares long forgotten

I am currently working on a score (format TBD) for solo or group improvisation to this piece. If you're interested in premiering the official improvisation version of this work, please get in touch!

"Salutation Over Fractal Ground" was premiered at the Mount Allison New Music Ensemble concert, April 2 2022 at Brunton Auditorium, featuring improvisation by Aramis St-Gelais (chromatic harmonica) and Kara Heckford (clarinet).