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sun, please don't rise just yet

piano | Leah Bruno | $15

Leah Bruno commissioned this work for her graduating piano recital, which conveniently fell at the end of my master's degree as well. Over coffee, we shared a bittersweet sentiment of excitement to move to the next step in our lives, tinged by nervousness around being in the world, away from the structured space of university. I was drawn to think about the sun and moon. In the several times I've written about them, I've viewed the moon as peaceful but emphasized sunrise as a beautiful, wondrous phenomenon. Here, I instead view the sunrise as chasing away the moonlight, as a new day approaches whether we are ready or not.

sun, please don't rise just yet
I know you are warm and beautiful
and I know that with you comes new light
but I'm not quite done looking at the stars.

Video: premiere performance by Leah Bruno, May 16 2024, Roy Barnett Recital Hall, University of British Columbia.

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