A passing train in the night is shown as a blurred, glared light. Various city lights also glare in the camera.

locomotive reverie

for horn, tuba, and electronics

“locomotive reverie” stemmed from hearing the trains in Siknikt (Sackville, NB) while walking late at night. When there’s a train in the distance, the sound washes over the sky like a cloud passing by. As the train grows near, the horn becomes more clear, and as it distances from you, the chord depresses slightly. It has always felt a bit surreal to me. This work hones in on the dream state that I imagine as I walk home—where was the train coming from, where is it going, what does it carry, what does it matter. The music drops the listener into a contemplative trance, as if slowing down time until the end, when the train has passed.

"locomotive reverie" was premiered by Jeffrey Vézina-Goodwin, horn; Hope Salmonson, tuba; and Dr. Olivier Huebscher, electronics at Hope's composition recital on April 10, 2021.