A green aurora, viewed from approximately 400 kilometres above Earth, glows in the sky. A bit of red can be seen along the horizon.

Text by Tawahum Bige

Juniper Sky

for voice (E♭4–G5) and piano

Juniper Sky

Imagine the time and distance of lightyears:

How long I waited, travelled
to align an astrology between Leo & Aries

and I found a flux—synchronous with her:

a star from Dene nebula

floating and forming

her own constellations

like I once charted my own.
Our contact blew an explosion of juniper sky— marvelled at the marble etched into your crown— this swirling moment—
returned to our galactic quadrants.

Through our own constellation:
the conjunct became square, sextile,
this shape of lines weaving silver gossamer

out across parsecs of empty space—

how could I lock an eternity
around only one body in night skies

when I want this Milky Way to thrive.

Faint rays and flares, from you to me:

Astral projected aurora


Text for "Juniper Sky" © 2020 Tawahum Bige. Not for distribution without poet’s permission

"Juniper Sky" is a musical and poetic exploration of queerness, polyamoury and the multiplicity of love—connecting us, like constellations that link to themselves and other combinations of stars. A feeling of warmth and unbridled love interweaves the music, and the entire work should feel amorous, with love tied to every word and musical motion. 

"Juniper Sky" was composed alongside poet & spoken word artist Tawahum Bige for the 2020 Art Song Lab, and was premiered virtually by Robyn Driedger-Klassen and Karen Lee-Morlang on July 31, 2020